Legal or planning experience with VCAT proceedings urgently required #savethepalace (18/12/14)

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Jinshan’s ongoing push will now be going to VCAT. The matter is due to be heard from 30 March 2015. We would expect the City of Melbourne will be resisting the application by Jinshan Investments to demolish and develop the Palace Theatre site. There will be a “Practice Day hearing” on 16 January when all the parties that wish to be formally involved will resolve preliminary or procedural issues prior to the final hearing. There may be a mediation session in February, but with 900+ objectors and such polarised positions between the applicant and objectors this may not happen. We are working with National Trust and Melbourne Heritage Action to be a party to VCAT with legal representation to make our own submissions objecting to demolition. Cutoff date for submissions will be January 9, so clearly with Christmas and New Year in between, time is of the essence.

Friends, family, colleagues. Anyone with knowledge and a background in Planning and Legal requirements willing to offer their time to participate in this, we implore you , please email us:

One thought on “Legal or planning experience with VCAT proceedings urgently required #savethepalace (18/12/14)

  1. I was heavily involved in the Save the Regent campaign and appeared with Rohan Storey from the National Trust at an equivalent to VCAT hearing in the 80s to save the Capitol Theatre from being turned into a Dymocks bookshop.We were successful.
    I run the Athenaeum Theatre and would be happy to appear as an expert witness.also if you want a free venue for a public meeting at an appropriate time would be happy to make the Ath available.
    My brother is a very experienced Town Planner and appears at VCAT all the time and would also be available to help.
    It is very important to save the Palace as once these venues go they never return.We had all the same old arguments trotted out about the Regent and Capitol and look how much they contribute to the city now.

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