‘White knight’ finally named. Yes, they’re real!

Many of you have probably been wondering for some time who on earth this ‘white knight’ is? Do they really exist? What on earth can they do? We can assure you that they are well and truly real.
They are the Mint Group and they have had a huge amount of interest in the Palace Theatre since it was originally for sale. Unfortunately for them and us, they were the second highest bidder at that time. They are still interested, in particular, for the purchase of the freehold and if Jinshan Invesments  could just develop some sort of moral conscience we could see the Theatre restored to its former glory and everyone could walk away feeling much better about themselves as human beings. (yes, even their lawyers!)
If this were to happen, the business would be spearheaded by former Palace business owner/General Manager – Greg Young.
One of Mint Groups flagship businesses is Koko in London. A 100 year old theatre restored and now being used as a venue.  Sound familiar?  You can check out the history of Koko here:

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