The Bigger Picture

Save the Palace is just one of many ‘grass-roots’ campaigns across Victoria that is fighting for the preservation of our state’s cultural icons and heritage. As new community campaigns sprout up across the state the battle for the spotlight seems to intensify. Here we recognize the other organizations that are fighting the good fight. We urge you to give each one individual consideration as they all form part of the bigger picture; the fight to preserve our cultural heritage: past, present and future.

Current Campaigns


Past Campaigns




It breaks our hearts to see all of these campaigns past and present but there is evidence to suggest that there is still some power with the people. What if we could further strengthen that power? What if each of these campaigns could gain more traction and credibility? We’ve been stewing over the idea of a Victorian Cultural Preservation Fund which would essentially be a coalition of all of these community campaigns. Read more here and let us know what you think and/or whether you would like to be part of the VCPF!