Parliament objects to Palace development (31/10/2013)

Maybe the powers that be will pay even more attention now… 31,000 people on Facebook can’t be wrong and now Parliament itself has lodged an objection. The best news we have to date. Now we just need council to oppose and then lastly, the Department of Planning (State Government). Then we’ll be onto heritage protection so this never happens again.

Parliament objects to Palace development

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What can I do for now? (21/10/13)

While we wait and watch how this plays out before our next step, you can print off the placard below, take a photo of yourself and everyone you know and send it to us either in an email to or share it with us on facebook and we’ll include it in our facebook #savethepalace album. The intention is to put faces to the page likes and display them united to the decision makers when and where necessary.


(Further details on the Sign The Petition Tab)

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The Age reports on October 12 Rally (13/10/13)

The AGE report on Oct 12 rally


Victoria has ‘no planning in planning’ says Bandt (02:06)

Greens MP Adam Bandt comes out in support of protecting the Palace Theatre – Bourke Street’s last to survive – at a community protest on Saturday.

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Finalised rally details (9/10/13)

Finalised rally details:

The sun will be shining, the equipment is booked, the location confirmed!

October 12 is a day of action across the parliament precinct.

Only 100 metres from the steps and without interference from other rally’s scheduled for the same time, our rally is set to take-place in Parliament Reserve at the corner of Spring and Albert Street.  Our cause will be clear. Here we will have more room for all of you, our ambassadors and our special guests.

Our generous volunteers will be out and about to steer you all in the right direction with their palace/metro rally signs from approx. 11.30am

We kick off at 12.

See you all there!


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Rally Update (9/10/13)

We are finalising details for the rally as we speak, watch this space over the next couple of days. We still need volunteers to help out on the day please email [email protected]

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Volunteers required (7/10/13)

The Rally is only 5 sleeps away and we need some volunteers to help us make the day run smoothly, If you are coming and you are able to help out please email [email protected]

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Please share your venue photo’s with us. (2/10/13)

All you avid photographers who have shared pictures with us over the past couple of months. It would be great if you could possibly send them to us via email?  (obviously with permission to reproduce them) Please forward to:

[email protected]

If you have some shots that you haven’t already shared with us, it’s not too late for that either.

Please share and let all your friends know.

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