Application Denied (29/1/2014)

Official letters have been received today from those who lodged objections with the State Planning Department (DTPLI) confirming that the application for demolition of the Palace and construction of a 72.25 metre-high tower with 200 hotel rooms and 91 apartments has been denied.

This is terrific news! and we sincerely thank you all for submitting your objection letters. If it hadn’t have been for the overwhelming mass of objections that were sent in to the Planning Minister who knows what the outcome could have been.

Whilst this is a win and we’d love to dance around and celebrate, we also need to recognize that it isn’t a victory. The Palace Theatre site still remains unprotected and vulnerable to redevelopment. The developer can submit subsequent proposals that may satisfy the planning requirements. It is for this reason that we are working to have the Palace Theatre formally protected.

Please stay tuned and up to date with our page as we will be bringing more new information to all in the coming weeks. But for now, go ahead and reach for that top shelf, open a drink and raise a toast to the Palace Theatre!


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STPC and volunteers attend last sitting of Parliament question time (12/12/13)

The account of our attendance as recognised by one of our volunteer attendees:
‘Single file and in unison we made our way into the public seating of Parliament House. We were uniform in appearance, black tee shirts with Save The Palace splashed across the front of them in bright white and we were uniform in our intent, to preserve the amazing live music scene that makes Melbourne the great city it is. No noises or interruptions are allowed from the public gallery during question time and the small army of black tees and steely gazes showed an amazing amount of self restraint. The breathtaking architecture that surrounded us spoke volumes as to the history and significance of the top end of Spring Street. I couldn’t shake an image in my head of it getting bulldozed to make way for an apartment block…… Imagine the outcry from all who have visited and used such a wondrous place.
Questions were asked to the planning Minister and part of his response was uplifting ,in regards to enforcing height restrictions for developments at that end of town but among the sweeping hand gestures, the ever present opportunity to give the opposition a kick and the sense of grand theatrics, the core question remains unanswered. Will the Palace be saved? There is much work to be done and the inspirational Save The Palace crew still have a long and hard road ahead of them. We are privileged to help out in our own small way and would love if you took the time to sign up to the cause.’