VCAT Update #savethepalace #itsnotoveryet

On Monday 13 April 2015, Save the Palace (parties), National Trust – Victoria and Melbourne Heritage Action Group (parties) received correspondence from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal stating that one of the Tribunal members who presided over the hearing of this matter is a member of the National Trust. Until this time the National Trust (Vic) was unaware that the Tribunal member was one of its approximate 23,000 Victorian members.

The Parties have now received notice from the permit applicant that it is seeking to have the Tribunal members considering the Palace Theatre matter reconstituted and the hearing re-heard. The Parties are considering this information and will communicate with the Tribunal in the appropriate forum.

The Parties strongly request that those members of the community holding an interest in the future of the Palace Theatre refrain from all public or social media comment on these recent matters while the Parties consider the position expressed by the permit applicant. Such commentary may not assist the Parties in conducting the matter.

The Parties do not consider it appropriate to make further comment at this time.

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