Period to lodge objections continues (31/5/14)

Enquiries were made to Melbourne City Council yesterday regarding objections to the planning application for demolition of the Palace Theatre. We discovered that until such time that a decision is made on the insane destruction of a Melbourne live music icon, objections can still be lodged. So if you forgot or simply didn’t tell enough people to get theirs done, there’s still time. Our weekly vigils, every Friday 5pm, have made it quite clear to us that so many people outside the facebook world have none, or very little knowledge on the threat to the Palace and how we can still save it. So get onto it! Tell your friends, spread the word, ensure everyone you know submits their objection letters.

It’s not over yet (16/5/14)

Amidst the reports of the Palace Theatre closing it’s doors later this month, the media is forgetting to mention that the Save the Palace campaign is still going strong. In fact, they seem to be forgetting to mention the campaign altogether. Nevertheless, while the business may be over for now, the building can still be saved.

The Heritage Council of Victoria is in the process of reviewing the theatre to either include or not include it on the Victorian Heritage Register. They have already indicated that the building has merit for it’s social significance at a local level but we now need them to acknowledge its significance at a state level. A final decision on this isn’t likely to be made until July. In the meantime, an application for a building permit has been lodged with the Melbourne City Council by the developers, who may make a decision as early as next week.

You have until only Tuesday to lodge your objection letters. If you haven’t done so, please get onto it as a matter of extreme urgency. We have a template on here you can use that takes all of 20 seconds to complete. Make sure your voice is heard and make sure Melbourne City Council understand that we say ENOUGH, to losing such incredible spaces such as the Palace Theatre to development companies who want to destroy them and ENOUGH to developments that take away the culture and social significance that makes Melbourne one of the worlds most liveable cities. Tell them ENOUGH of continually having to fight to save a significant venue in a city that continually promotes itself as the live music capital of Australia.

Find our objection letter template here:

With your help and the right pressure we are confident that THE PALACE THEATRE WILL LIVE ON! Stop the misconception of ‘game over’ from going viral and promote the truth by sharing this post with all your friends, family, neighbours. #itsnotoveryet