Write to the Councillors of Melbourne!

At the Future Melbourne Committee meeting on 6th October Councillors were questioned on how the “Council’s legal branch was shaping up in terms of being able to present a case (In VCAT) on 26 February 2016.” The question was taken on notice and just last Tuesday Lord Mayor Robert Doyle confirmed that indeed the City of Melbourne would continue to oppose demolition of the precious, historic landmark.

In order to advocate for the preservation of a building it would seem logical that there still remain significant portions of the building to protect. So if the City of Melbourne is serious about protecting the Palace surely they would do everything within their power to ensure that as much fabric is retained as possible. Funnily enough it is indeed within their powers to apply to the Minister for Planning for interim protection.

So if you too are serious about #savethepalace #savethemetro, you would write to the City of Melbourne imploring them to apply for internal controls. We’ve prepared a draft letter for you to send off in just a few clicks! Though we strongly encourage that you make your letter original.

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