The Save The Palace Committee welcomes your thoughts, suggestions and questions!

For all general enquiries please contact [email protected]

For matters regarding media, advertising and promotions please contact:
Phone: 0423 103 586
[email protected]

Any statutory enquiries please contact:
[email protected]

If you are unsure of what your query relates to please contact [email protected]; our administrator will forward your queries and comments on to an appropriate member to attend to your email.

Thank you for your support and long live the Palace Theatre!

One thought on “Contact

  1. Have you thought about this?
    Contact the developer and agree a price at which they will sell the site to a preservation society and a time-frame that they will allow for the funds to be raised.
    Call for pledges from individuals, businesses, companies and community groups to raise the funds to purchase and refurbish it.
    Form a trust that can then use the funds to purchase, refurbish and manage it.
    No heritage listing required. No painful battle of community vs corporation required.
    I think you’d be surprised at the number of people willing to put real money into a serious endeavour to save it rather than just making noise about the outrage of its destruction.

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