ADA Representative Approves Palace For Restoration

The American Disabilities Act Representative from Springfield, visited the Palace Theater today and deemed the existing structure (with some small changes) acceptable for restoration. In the past, the restrooms were an area of concern. Most were worried that they would have to be brought up to code.

This is now a non-issue. :)

“I’ll see you at your grand re-opening.” were the words used by the representative.

With this last hurdle passed, the one and only concern remaining is: the money. The insurance company initially estimated the damage at around $450,000. Keep in mind, this was all BEFORE the rain damage that would follow from not having a proper roof.

I was in the back office before the rains came and it was fine. After the rains came and water poured down the walls, on the floors and on everything, it’s all going to have to be replaced. And that’s just the back office.
Although I don’t have an exact figure on how much EXTRA damage has been done, I can tell you that it will be very easy to overcome. That’s right. It will be very easy.

Simply donate $5 or more, per month until it’s been re-opened. Just five dollars from you, per month, will guarantee The Palace Theater’s return.

Donate online, mail it in or walk it in to the bank.

Think about it like buying a ticket to the movies, once a month. It’ll cost you 4 TIMES that, for a movie in Peoria. At least!

Here’s some quick math:
2200 members of this group X $5.00 = $11,000.00
Consistent donations for 6 months = $66,000.00

More fundraisers and fundraising ideas are coming slowly, but you can take action, now.
Excuse the frankness….. but talk is cheap. Take action.
Donate Here. Donate Now.

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