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The Palace Theater Lives On!

The Palace Theater Lives On! Facebook Group


Gup  on August 3rd, 2010

After reading the PJS Sunday and Reynolds stating if he didn’t get “grandfathered” in on the restrooms, he would demolish the theatre. Isn’t there anyway to renovate those restrooms to accomodate if needed? In the women’s — take the wall out of then enclosed toliet and put a pedestal sink to make more room? Or combine both restrooms and make them unisex? Has anyone asked Reynolds about other ideas if he had to make them handicap accessible? I’d hate to see that Palace close for this. Just a thought….

blfrd  on August 4th, 2010

The American Disabilities Act Rep from Springfield stopped by the Palace today, to inspect things, like the bathrooms. He made no mention of having to update the restrooms. He made some minor suggestions for handicapped accessibility, but I believe he said something like, “I’ll see you on opening night!”. This means Vern can move forward with fixing the roof and the interior (rain damage) and that’s all he needs to fix up.

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